The Frontera Fund was Indirectly Created by a Corrupt Sheriff

Sometimes, when people do the wrong thing – good results happen. This was the case with the creation of Frontera Fund which is designed to support pro-immigration and migrant people in Arizona. The Frontera Fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in 2013. This financial organizational support unit was important because it helps to protect the rights of Latino people who reside in America.


In October of 2007, Michael Lacey and his friend Jim Larkin were in their own homes getting some rest. Suddenly, the Maricopa sheriff’s department showed up to their homes and arrested the men. They were both taken from their houses and then transported off to separate jails within the Phoenix area. After the men were locked up, the public found out about what had happened. In less than 24 hours, there was a huge public outcry that forced the men to be released.


Why were these two men wrongfully imprisoned by the former sheriff of Maricopa County? The answer has to do with their newspaper, the Phoenix Time News. The two men founded the newspaper many years ago and they use it to report important news in the state of Arizona. Over the years, it had come to the attention of Larkin and Lacey that former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was running a shady business. This sheriff had been in power for a quarter of a century. His tactics were extremely questionable, and he more than likely committed multiple criminal acts during his time as sheriff.


When Joe Arpaio arrested Larkin and Lacey, he did so on trumped up charges. The former sheriff paid dearly for this treatment of the two men. After the incident happened in 2007, the two men were awarded a multimillion dollar award for the violation of their constitutional rights. Apparently, Joe Arpaio arrested the men just because they were exposing some of his wrongful actions in their paper.


After the men received their reward, they realized that the Latino community inside of Arizona needed protection. So, they created the Frontera Fund in response to this reality. One of the biggest issues that Larkin and Lacey had with Arpaio was his known abuse of illegal immigrants, migrant workers and Latino people in general. Arpaio did not care if these individuals were American citizens, he continued to harass them. Fortunately, Arpaio is no longer the sheriff of Maricopa county and the Frontera fund still fights for the rights of minorities and other people in need.