The Australian Financial Review Honors Infinity Group Australia As A Highly Innovative Firm


For the past seven years, the Australian Financial Review has been providing a list of the most innovative companies in both Australia and New Zealand. Each year companies are nominated to be named on this prestigious list and they are judged by Inventium which is one of Australia’s top consulting firms. Along with a panel of industry experts, they judge each company based on criteria such as how well they solve the problems the company is meant to address. Other criteria are how unique the solution is the company provides, how high quality it is, and how the company’s culture supports innovation among other things.

The Australian Financial Review has 1.8 million subscribers. The Most Innovative list that they compile along with the help of Inventium is unique in that it is the only business listing that includes companies from both Australia and New Zealand. They are also the only ones who look at innovation among companies on a national scale and landing on their list is considered to be a very high honor.

Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm, the co-founders of Infinity Group Australia, were very pleased to hear that their company was named to AFR’s 2018 list. Their company was selected as the 58th Most Innovative Company against thousands of competing companies. In a statement, Graeme Holm said that he and his whole team were honored to have been chosen and humbled by their being named. He said that their ability to help families reduce debt and create ongoing budgets was what landed his company on the AFR list as well as a culture of innovation at his company.

Infinity Group Australia was launched in 2012. While working in the financial industry for 15 years, Graeme Holm saw first-hand that the financial industry is fantastic at getting people into debt and does little to nothing to help people get back out of it. Along with Rebecca Walker, he established his company in order to provide services such as mortgage broking, debt reduction, and assistance with ongoing money management.

At Infinity Group Australia they teach people how to manage their finances in a way that benefits them rather than the financial firms. The Infinity Group Australia reviews site other ways they help families across Australia such as having a property investment arm, financial planning, and providing personal bankers to each of their customers who help them create a cash-based budget while reducing their debts. Learn more :