Securus Technologies – Latest Products and Future Plans

Securus Technologies Inc was able to prove itself once more with its latest release en the market. The company put out their brand new product earlier this year, and it is called the Drone Detection System. The product solves a rising issue in the correctional sector of inmates receiving packages within the prison grounds by drone. The contraband varies, but it has most often been drugs, weapons, and cell phones.

The Drone Detection System is based on a previous product in its fundamental inner workings. The base was adapted to the new goal and has passed trial and launched on the market. The Drone Detection System is currently being used by thousands of the company’s clients in the corrections sector. In the meantime, while the Drone Detection System is in use, the Securus Technologies Inc continues to improve and develop the product.

The Securus Technologies Inc put out another system towards the end of last year that stopped outgoing calls as well as unauthorized connections to the wireless. The corrections industry had a problem with inmates logging in online and doing live streaming on the major social media platforms. The issue has all but ceased since the Securus Technologies Inc released their solution on the market.

In total. Securus Technologies Inc is working with about 3 200 correctional facilities, providing their latest security tech solutions and other products, services, and software. In total, the corporation helps to contain well over a million inmates across the United States of America.

In addition to that, The Securus Technologies Inc contributes massively to the inmate communications sector. The business is one of the leading providers of services for that industry and helps inmates get in contact with their friends and family. The Securus Technologies Inc provides a vast range of communication services that vary from phone calls to online chatting and video calls and messages.

The Dallas-based corporation has high goals in its line of work. The business is working on many fronts all at ones and is doing expansion projects, puts out new releases in a timely manner, expands its services and operations and achieves plans in the field of inmate welfare.

Some of the most receipts expansion of the Securus Technologies Inc involved the acquisition of the businesses JPay Inc and the GovNetPay payment processor. The company leaders of the Securus Technologies Inc saw huge potential in both of those high achieving businesses. The corporation put them to work together believing they would not only contribute to the Securus Technologies’ portfolio but also complement each other quite well in doing so.

The business plans to expand further and maintain its high productivity rates in the future as well as pick up new projects.