Famous Women in Hollywood


Women in Hollywood have never been more powerful than they are today. There are women in the industry demanding to be taken seriously simply by being the best at what they do. There are numerous female celebrities staking their claim in the dog eat dog world of fame and fortune.

One of my favorite examples of this is Jennifer Lopez. She came onto the scene in the late 90’s as a pop artist, and she has a great list of 1990’s comedies she’s been a part of.. After staring in her first featured role as Selena in 1997 she become a face the public would come to recognize. Currently she has a thriving music career, a show in Las Vegas, and a new tv series on NBC. She is breaking boundaries and stereotypes and paving the way for all the women to come after her.

Scarlett Johansson sexy starring roles is another example of this. Even though she sticks mostly to film, she has done acting and lended her voice to some famous animation characters as well. Scarlett may be a seem little newer to the Hollywood scene but she is certainly making her way. She has been in over forty movies since the early 90’s. Her most popular role is as the coolest female superhero to hit the screen in years. Her role as Black Widow has inspired young girls to be their own saviors and that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Even with just these two examples it is exciting to see the potential for women in future roles and how far the next generation will go.

Securus Technologies Surges Forward

Securus Technologies is a major communications technology provider for correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations, offering their service to over 3,400 clients and over 1.2 million inmates all across North America.

The connections between incarcerated individuals and their families is a huge difference-maker in their lives while in prison. The technology offered by Securus allows synchronization with iPhones, Androids, tablets and landline based phone systems.

Calling plans include prepaid plans, collect calling, direct bill, and inmate debit calling where the inmate pays the call charges. The video calling plan is a very popular plan because both callers can view each other on the video call if they have webcams available on each end of the call. Jail voicemail, email, and a money transfer service are also available.

Unfortunately, over the past several months, a competitor, GTL, has been publicizing false information that states their services and pricing are much better than that of Securus.  The airways and their advertisements are so far off base that no one in their right mind would believe it.

Consequently, Securus made the decision to put an end to all of the silliness. Securus decided to place a challenge before GTL by offering to place each company’s actual data with proof, side by side and let a disinterested third party decide the outcome. Let the best set of documents rule the day.

As soon as the information about the challenge was made public, the sounds of silence from GTL was deafening, as for a few weeks there was nothing. Finally, the other side declined to participate in the challenge. There was no retraction or apology, and what little publicity they received seemed to hurt them rather than help them.