Vijay Eswaran and the QI group

Vijay Eswaran was born in the late 1960s, in Penang village of Malaysia. He later proceeded to London for his higher education and in 1984 graduated from the School of economics in the country with a degree in social economics. After completing school, Vijay continued with his stay in Europe where he engaged in odd jobs to make ends meet.

It was during this time that he got introduced to the binary marketing strategies that prompted his move to get a professional course in the same from CIMA that he later spiced with an MBA from Southern Illinois College in 1986. While still studying, Vijay was involved in multi-level marketing that formed his entrepreneurial foundation. Eswaran had an opportunity to work with top-notch companies including IBM and Synaptic in very demanding positions around the globe before his return to Asia in the 90s where he turned to full-time entrepreneurship.

In 1998, Vijay led a team of similarly minded individuals to form what today has developed to be a renowned multi-business, the QI Group. The 19-year-old conglomerate has ventures in corporate investments, travel, luxury products, telecommunication, media sectors, and training. It enjoys a presence in over 30 nations through its subsidiary businesses with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Vijay’s is a renowned motivational speaker with acumen in a variety of subjects that range from business, lifestyle, and spirituality. He has lectured in some of the leading universities forums such as Common Wealth business forum and World Economic Forum events on matters pertaining leadership and management.

Eswaran is a prominent philanthropist who pioneered the launch of RYTHM, a social arm of the QI group that has philanthropic interests around the world. In honor of his late Father, he started the Vijayaratman Foundation that together with local NGOs have worked on several projects that include women empowerment, mentoring of children, and youth development around Malaysia.

These moves of goodwill made Vijay’s name to feature on the Forbes list of philanthropist in Asia for the year 2011. He was also conferred by the GOPIO with the international leader in global business strategies. Vijay is a renowned writer who penned a high selling book on life management, The sphere of Silence, among three others.

Wes Edens Purchases Majority Shares in Potential Premier League Soccer Club

Wes Edens, who is the co-founder of Milwaukee Bucks, has ventured into the soccer business. Together with the leading Egyptian billionaire called Nassef Sawiris, Wes bought the majority of shares in the Birmingham, England-based Aston Villa Football Club that is striving to make an entrance into the Premier League.

Wes Edens plus Nassef conjointly own as well as manage a company known as NSWE, which invested an undisclosed amount of cash to the club. The club is currently competing in the Championship, the second tier of the English football league system. The league is recognized as one of the most popular professional sports league in the world.

Aston Villa failed to get a slot to play in the premier league after they lost to Fulham at Wembley stadium during the championship league promotion playoff. According to a statement announced by the team, the owner of the club Tony Xia will be the co-chairman and still be on the board of directors. This is a done deal since the English league has accepted the capital injection and the transaction.

Tony pointed out that he is looking forward to work together with the new investors to get a recommendable status in the English Premier League. He added that the club was close to getting the promotion last season and this was just a humbling and thrilling experience. Since the club now has strong investors, they are gearing up and fight for the second time to get the success that Aston villa deserves.

The two investors claimed in a statement that they can strengthen the club and make sure that the Aston Villa is back to their rightful place, which is in the upper echelons of English soccer.

About Wesley Edens

Wes Edens is the co-owner of the leading investment company known as Fortress Investment Group. He works as the private equity chief investment officer of Fortress and has invested in multiple industries including transportation, financial services, healthcare, media as well as real estate. Wes Edens also serves in several prestigious posts like company’s co-CEO, co-chairman, president of private equity, as well as a chief investment officer. Before co-founding Fortress in 1998, Wes served as a partner at BlackRock Financial Management Company..

The Australian Financial Review Honors Infinity Group Australia As A Highly Innovative Firm


For the past seven years, the Australian Financial Review has been providing a list of the most innovative companies in both Australia and New Zealand. Each year companies are nominated to be named on this prestigious list and they are judged by Inventium which is one of Australia’s top consulting firms. Along with a panel of industry experts, they judge each company based on criteria such as how well they solve the problems the company is meant to address. Other criteria are how unique the solution is the company provides, how high quality it is, and how the company’s culture supports innovation among other things.

The Australian Financial Review has 1.8 million subscribers. The Most Innovative list that they compile along with the help of Inventium is unique in that it is the only business listing that includes companies from both Australia and New Zealand. They are also the only ones who look at innovation among companies on a national scale and landing on their list is considered to be a very high honor.

Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm, the co-founders of Infinity Group Australia, were very pleased to hear that their company was named to AFR’s 2018 list. Their company was selected as the 58th Most Innovative Company against thousands of competing companies. In a statement, Graeme Holm said that he and his whole team were honored to have been chosen and humbled by their being named. He said that their ability to help families reduce debt and create ongoing budgets was what landed his company on the AFR list as well as a culture of innovation at his company.

Infinity Group Australia was launched in 2012. While working in the financial industry for 15 years, Graeme Holm saw first-hand that the financial industry is fantastic at getting people into debt and does little to nothing to help people get back out of it. Along with Rebecca Walker, he established his company in order to provide services such as mortgage broking, debt reduction, and assistance with ongoing money management.

At Infinity Group Australia they teach people how to manage their finances in a way that benefits them rather than the financial firms. The Infinity Group Australia reviews site other ways they help families across Australia such as having a property investment arm, financial planning, and providing personal bankers to each of their customers who help them create a cash-based budget while reducing their debts. Learn more :

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel- His Insight Into The Use Of Emergency Rooms In Florida For Non-Urgent Care

In America, there is an overuse of our emergency rooms for the purpose of non-urgent care. To many, this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. The abuse of the system is costing those who have insurance a raise in their premiums.

The Main Issues

Almost 35-percent of Americans end up going to the emergency room when they are ill or in need of medical care. Oftentimes, they visit the ER when they are not having an emergency. This fact was found through data gathered from across the country in 2016. When this data was compared to older sets of data, it was found that this was a trend that has been going on for many years. Florida happens to be about the same as the national average with unnecessary emergency room visits.

What ER Doctors Think About This Trend

Many emergency room doctors, such as Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, explained recently why he feels this is such an issue. He truly believes the issue comes from the lack of access most people have to primary care physicians. He stated that as an emergency room doctor, it is still important to treat all patients with a high paramount of care, whether or not they truly have an emergency medical issue. Each patient that comes to an emergency room will get thoroughly checked out by nurses, doctors and other staff.

The increase in non-urgent visits to ERs across the country means there is always a stretch in resources. This creates a challenge in hospitals everywhere to have to figure out the best way to manage the severity of each patient that comes in. These issues make it difficult for all staff working in emergency departments, not just the doctors.

Why People Go To The ER For Non-Urgent Care

Through a lot of research studies, it was concluded that most people go to the emergency room for care when not having an emergency medical issues because their primary care doctors usually have a wait of more than 24-48 hours. Most people want to get their issues addressed soon rather than later. It was also concluded from the research that these statistics were the same no matter the race, income or ethnicity of the patients. There was also a good mix of patients with and without insurance found in the research data.

Patients Seeing Raise In ER Costs

Many experts have suggested adding higher deductibles and co-pays in order to stop patients from using the ER for non-urgent situations. However, there are some other concerns with doing this that would need to be addressed. The main issue, however, is that it would mostly affect those in lower-income brackets.

  • Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been an emergency room doctor for more than six years. He graduated from Louisiana State in 2012.

Bruno Fagali and His Work Within the Legal Field

Despite there being hundreds of qualified attorneys in Brazil, Bruno Fagali is still one of the most well-known to those who are in need of compliance, ethics and administrative legal aid. This expert has been working within the field since 2006 and has over a decade of qualified experience. He has worked with hundreds of clients since the start of his career and has skills in many different areas of the legal system. As of right now, Bruno Fagali works primarily on ethics and compliance cases with a specialty in administrative law, however, he has also worked on family legal cases to ensure the best outcome for his clients. Read more articles about Bruno Fagali at

After graduating from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo in 2005, Bruno Fagali began his career and noticed a gap in the market for solid administrative legal aid. Because of noticing this gap, he went on to create and establish his own company known as Fagali Advocacy. The company is specific to administrative law and has since worked with hundreds of companies and corporations within the country itself. He is head of a multitude of lawyers who take on cases for the firm’s clients.

When Bruno Fagali isn’t working or flying around the world to educate and provide legal aid to other countries, you can find him spending a good deal of his time with family and friends. He is currently married with two children and enjoys going to different sporting events within Brazil. You can find out more information about this amazing professional by visiting either his websites or social media accounts. You can also hire him for whatever legal case you have coming up by contacting his office and speaking with one of the trained representatives who will be more than happy to take on your case and see it through to the end.

Read more:


Continues To Offer Superior Financial Services

Why Customers Are Choosing The Popular NexBank Financial Group

With over 500,000+ nationwide customers, it’s no secret NexBank, is one of the largest financial groups online. They serve their customers with an expertise in personalized accounts, but also have expertise with business and industrial accounts. Their goal is growing their nationwide following and building their business portfolio. NexBank has over $64.3 billion dollars in assets and offers their customers money backed with FDIC insurance. Trust their team of professionals to offer you live support, if you’re trying to navigate your account. Visit the popular NexBank website for more details today.

Recent NexBank News

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NexBank Financial News

As a financial leader, they’re adamant on helping their patrons save money, it was easy for them to become a part of a college savings program. Thousands of students fall into debt each year because of huge student government loans. They have partnered with the College Savings Bank to offer their clients over 1,300 savings programs to choose from under the education tab on the NexBank web portal. Many students and their parents have been able to save an average of 22 percent on their college tuition and other expenses.

Preferred NexBank Features

– free checks

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– direct deposit

– experienced financial technicians

– and much more…

You’re invited to maximize your money with the popular NexBank Financial Group today.

Louis Chenevert, A Maverick Of The Aerospace Industry

Montreal native Louis Chenevert spent his childhood in 1960’s Quebec nurturing an interest in business and innate understanding of hard work and financial rewards he would seek out in his storied career. This drive followed Chenevert into adulthood, as he pursued a business degree at the University of Montreal.

Chenevert’s ambition paid off when he quickly landed a position at a General Motors plant in St. Therese. Charged with the plant’s assembly line, he was given a crash course in quick thinking and sound decision-making the rapid pace of the auto industry required.

Dedicating the next 15 years of his life to the auto industry, Louis Chenevert decided in 1993 it was time for a change. He took a role at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), building airplane engines. He remained with PWC’s parent company, P&W, for a number of years, eventually rising to the company’s presidency in 1999.

P&W was not in the best financial position at the time, but Chenevert felt up to the challenge. Under his leadership the company innovated itself back into profitability, even as the economy entered a recession. During this time Chenevert took a great interest in the company’s geared turbofan (GTF) that was under development. The GTF would play an important role in his next move.

P&W was a subsidiary of the larger United Technologies Corporation (UTC), operating across a variety of industries. Chenevert’s successes at P&W made him an obvious choice to take a director’s chair at UTC. Remembering the GTF, Chenevert maneuvered the project, a venture many criticized for its cost, into UTC’s flagship product. The GTF now flies on 70 different planes across 14 airlines.

Finally in 2008, with nowhere else to go, Louis Chenevert was named CEO and President of UTC. For the little boy from Montreal, it was the culmination of his life’s work. When Chenevert retired from UTC in 2014 his shareholders had received a return of more than 84% on their investment. An astounding sum that set the company up for continued profitably long after he was gone.

Looking for Something in Music and Finding The Chainsmokers

This is one of the most interesting eras in music. For one thing, there are many different genres of music. One of the reasons that there are so many different genres of music is that social media and the internet make it easier for people to release their own productions. Also, websites like YouTube make it easier for people to release their own style of music. One of the interesting things about this is that these styles of music are influencing pop music. This is one of the reasons that pop music is taking on sounds that are reminiscent of some of the earlier eras.

However, there is still something new being produced. One of the bands that are still producing something new and not going to earlier eras is The Chainsmokers. They are an American DJ and producer duo. One of the best things about this band is that they are forward thinking. This gives the music industry an added sense of diversity. They also have music that has a message. This is one of the best things about their music. Many of the other groups have been involved with just releasing music with the lyrics being an after thought.

For people that are looking for something in music, when they find The Chainsmokers, they are going to be interested in what they have to say. Their lyrical content makes people think while the music makes them groove. Even for people who do not listen to this genre of music, they will find something deeper from The Chainsmokers. One of the best parts of this era is that it is bringing forth people who are actually creating music with a message that can serve as a word of caution for people in society. Even the videos have a lot of thought put into them.

Penelope Kokkinides Leading InnovaCare Health’s Puerto Rico Efforts

When Penelope Kokkinides was invited to the White House in Washington, D.C., she knew immediately she would bring up her company’s healthcare efforts in Puerto Rico. Additionally, she would add in the fact that federal funding for the island is continuing to decline. Yearly Puerto Rico receives less and less money while other states in the United States still get their fair share of funding. President Trump heard her loud and clear. Because of her meeting, improvements will be made to help aid the residents affected by the natural disaster.

Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico. It was one of the most massive hurricanes on record. The hurricane caused thousands of people to be without water, food, electricity and shelter. Roadways became swamped with water. Debris rained over the entire island. Blackouts occurred so often that after awhile it no longer surprised people when they had to go about their days in the dark with no electricity.

InnovaCare Health has been working on the island to address its medical problem. They are the largest healthcare company helping residents. They are headquartered out of New Jersey and funded by Medicare Advantage. They have a host of professionally trained people that work to diagnose physical and mental symptoms and prescribe medicines and treatments to relive ailments and mental issues. The company has medical clinics located all over the island replacing the medical practices Hurricane Maria swiped off the island and the dilapidated hospitals remaining. The clinics the company has created are nothing fancy but a huge relief to the people there. The company has not forgotten about the thirty percent of rural residents who are going without basic healthcare services. Mobile clinics venture out into the countryside to aid residents living off the grid. This company also seeks out to help the elderly, as disasters like Maria, statistically have higher chances of causing death to the elderly due to stress.

Tens of thousands of people have visited Innovacare’s clinics. Many flock to the havens of healthcare due to the slim options of medical attention. Additionally, many flock to the clinics due to how the clinics offer a place of peace, compassion and counsel to people who have emotionally undergone a lot of heartache.

Sussex Healthcare Group

Sussex Healthcare Jobs
Sussex Healthcare is a company that believes in the empowerment and the development of their employees. The management of the healthcare group stated that the impact of employees had contributed significantly to their dominance in the United Kingdom. They believe that the education, benefits and the training they offer to their employees is to equip them with the necessary skills and competence.

Job postings/openings
Registered Care Home Manager- Horncastle House, East Grinstead
Deputy Care Home Manager- Woodhurst Lodge, Pease Pottage in Crawley At Sussex Healthcare
Deputy Care Home Manager- The Granary, Horsham In Horsham At Sussex Healthcare
Chef- Longfield Manor, Billingshurst In Billingshurst At Sussex Healthcare
Care Assistant/ HCA/ Support Worker- Longfield Manor in Billingshurst At Sussex Healthcare
Registered Nurse- Horncastle House, East Grinstead In East Grinstead At Sussex Healthcare
Care Assistant/ HCA/ Support Worker- Horncastle House In East Grinstead At Sussex Healthcare

Other job postings are found on their website at

Double pay on holidays and weekends, subsidiary meals, Pension, reduced rate accommodation, mentoring skills, in-house training, Nursing apprenticeships, management courses, among others. They have open job openings on their websites together with their salaries.

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare was initiated in 1985. For 25 years, Sussex Healthcare group has remained dominant in the Coast of the United Kingdom offering the best elderly healthcare. When it began, the firm only had two facilities. However, the firm continued to grow until they expanded their territories into 20 facilities.

Sussex Healthcare became the first firm to get certification from both local and international recognition. In 2002, they got accreditation from Health Quality Services (HQS). Additionally, they were awarded accreditation by the International Service Organization (ISO).

The leadership of Sussex Healthcare has led it to their success. For more than two decades, the administration has been co-chaired by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The Duo has different expertise and experiences from various fields. Their skills have seen the firm succeeding in many ways. The management recently appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new Chief Executive of the Firm.