EOS Lip Balm Review

The Visibly Soft line of lip balms from eos are special formulations of vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. Each formulation also include vitamin C, are 99% natural, and are free of gluten and thalates. They can be found on Alta’s website, and they come in cute packaging with stripes on them! The visibly soft lip balms are handy and small, making it easy to have many of them around the office or home.

These lip balms are special because they make for great lip primers — they aren’t too greasy on the lips, so you can still go on top of them with lipstick. And unlike other lip balms, the eos lip balms give your lips some moisture without overdoing it. These lip balms also contain hints of mint, vanilla, coconut, or orange, giving them a nice subtle flavor. On the lips, they are slightly sweet. They apply very smoothly and are more hydrating and have a smoother texture compared to other eos lip balms. Once on the lips, they give your lips the slightest bit of shine.

The best part of these lip balms is probably their price. They run at the same price point as other eos lip balms! So why spend money on other lip balms when these cost the same amount?