OSI Group – One Of America’s Top Quality Food Companies

Listed as one of the Top 100 Food Companies in America, OSI Group is a food processing company that provides food products and solutions for the food industry.

OSI Group provide custom food processing which involves meats, vegetables, fruits, and other proteins. Everything developed is made to order which means that every demand, specification, and requirements are met for each customer. OSI Group supplies beef, poultry, pork, pizza, seafood, baked goods, produce, and more to markets across the globe.

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Many of the most recognizable food brands in the world trust the OSI Group to provide unrivaled food safety and quality assurance. OSI Group’s team of food quality assurance experts are secured in their processing network which assures compliance to specifications Their stringent policies ensure that customers are met with overwhelming expectations and regulatory requirements being surpassed. OSI Group continuously measures up with exceptional standards by routinely conducting HAACP (Hazard analysis and critical control points, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Food Safety, and OSI Global Standardization audit. In addition to the excellent quality control, OSI Group processes food at a considerable pace.

OSI Group has proved themselves to be a very competitive food company. The company’s global influence enables them to be able to work with the best equipment manufacturers and bring the latest technology at the best price.