Fabletics use of Review- Centric Method to Identify Market Needs

Customer purchase power currently gets defined by the group reviews. Of present, customers trust product reviews posted pertaining a particular product. The recommendations serve as a determinant factor to clients’ buying choice. Most businesses like Fabletics brand are taking advantage of the review- centric selling approach.


Fabletics brand launched in 2013 has its steady growth and success aligned with the implementation of user reviews. It is a marketing strategy echoed by its mother company corporate marketing officer Shawn Gold. The revenue for Fabletics recorded more than $235 million, over 200% growth with an association of over one million contributing members. Understanding and applying the purchase power strategies of today’s consumer has contributed to rapid growth for Fabletics. User reviews have an impact on consumer faithfulness, retention and attainment across all business sectors.


Several celebs, paparazzi, and hangers attended the launch of Fabletics, an event held at Beverly Hills Hotel. Demi Lovato a pop star who participated in the event expressed his liking for the Fabletics attire. Fabletics focus is on women empowerment and inspiration through the provision of clothing that fit all shapes, age and sizes.


Since its existence, Fabletics has been a stylish and empowering athleisure brand. In three and half years, Kate Hudson together with co-founders grew the brand to a $250 million firm. These co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are founders of TechStyle. They had a vision of opening an athleisure brand which was triggered by lack of quality, affordable and stylish women wear. These investors approached Kate Hudson, an actress who represented what they needed for the athleisure brand.


Kate Hudson became a co-founder and joined Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in the establishment of Fabletics. Hudson actively participated since initial stages of growth. She focused on the design, budgets as well as engagement with social media. Kate monitors the sales progress on a weekly basis to identify the product movement. These enable the team to make decisions on what products to concentrate more and areas of improvement.


The Fabletics founders, experienced entrepreneurs, and an actress did not experience success without struggles. During the initial stages, the company encountered some challenges despite their logical and brilliant ideas. They majored in producing the best brand in the industry with a slightly lower price. Fabletics gave no option for quality, and this has contributed to satisfactory results in the athleisure brand.


Kate transformed the operations at Fabletics, by prioritizing on communication. The enhancement of customer care support and installation of the new information system was vital. Within 18 months, the company was rated high by Better Business Bureau. The evaluation also indicated an enhanced customer satisfaction score.


Fabletics best quality and recommendable customer service contributed to a swift growth. They noticed a triple-digit growth in 2014, where else 2015 – 2016 the development rate was 43% with a trade increase of 644% in 2016. With a membership pool of 1.2 million, Fabletics projects to make sales worth $250 million in 2017.


TechStyle has supported Fabletics in its operations. Being the mother company, it has shared most of its resources to the growth of Fabletics. Another key contributor to the rapid growth is the data-driven strategy which enables them to monitor client preferences and areas for improvement. There is a bright future for Fabletics.