Construcap: Setting the Pace in Construction Industry

Construcap stands out from the rest of the construction by the quality of services and the performance of the team. The company is among the top ten largest construction companies in Brazil.

The Company’s trajectory began in 1944 at, and it has provided a series of services to both the private and public sectors. The company offers services in the fields of building, energy, and infrastructure.

The wide spectrum of services that they offer includes commercial, engineering, and industrial services. All the services comply with the set standards including ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001.

Construcap is part of a group of companies that have combined their efforts to achieve the set objectives. The different companies include:

CFPS: it was founded in 2012 from a joint venture between the American Fluor and Construcap. The primary responsibility of the Company is to provide integrated services in the energy, oil and gas, mining, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Inova Health: it was established in 2014 to provide management non-healthcare services in three hospitals in Sao Paulo. The company also supplies equipment to the hospital.

Minas Arena: the company was founded in 2010, and it is responsible for the renovation and modernization of the sports arena.

Concer: established in 1995 and provides logistic services.

CMO: founded in 2011, provides modern solutions to the offshore sectors.

Training and Development

Construcap offers a training program on to encourage the employees to improve their skills and knowledge. The training program is offered through an internship, professional training, leadership training, and the literacy program.


Construcap was ranked 431 among the 1,500 companies in Brazil that have best financial programs. This was an indication that it is making an impact in Brazil.

Corporate Responsibility

The company aims to engage in activities that will promote socio-environmental development on Construcap has built the appropriate conditions for the employees to grow and improve their skills. They offer different programs about this including socio-education program.