OSI Industries: The Visionary Efforts of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has been a vital pillar of OSI Industries since he joined the company in the 1970s. Under his reign, the company has dedicated itself to sustainable food production. The company has a long history in coming to terms with the challenges and rewards of an innovative technology hence the sustainability. Currently, OSI Industries ranks among the largest food producers worldwide. The transition from a neighborhood meat retailer to a global supplier has made one of the most striking business stories in the business world.

In his life career, Lavin has led the group to acknowledge upcoming technologies and strategies to raise on the efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint brought about by the company’s operations. Today, the company relies on sustainability as a core prism to make effective decisions. The company’s tradition towards technology development has aided in the operation of environmentally friendly food production procedures. As a result, Sheldon Lavin has won various awards that incorporate the Global Visionary Award, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor, as well as the California Green Business Award.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Industries as an investment manager in 1970. In 1975, Lavin became a partner of the company at a time when the company was considering international expansion. It was during the same year that saw the transition to OSI Industries. As the partners of the company retired, Lavin was voted in as the CEO. The company has a workforce of more than 20,000 employees, with more than 65 facilities operating in more than 17 countries. The company has a spiking willingness to take risks to create more sustainability in the operations of the company and the suppliers.

The company has, therefore, embraced research and development efforts in the pursuit of sustainability. The newly opened Culinary Innovation Centers are focused on the development of new techniques that reduce the company’s impact on the environment as a result of its widespread operations. The centers symbolize a significant investment and have become the primary feature of the company’s operations. OSI has a vast experience in food processing. As a result, the company can direct resource on promoting and developing the leading practices applicable all over the supply chain.


Shervin Pishevar: A Most Unique Tweet Storm

If you are going to take to Twitter and create a tweet storm, most people agree you might as well make it as interesting as possible. This was the case with Shervin Pishevar, who as a world-renowned businessman has gained a reputation for having great insight into many of today’s most pressing economic issues. Therefore, when he recently conducted a 21-hour tweet storm that included many predictions about the U.S. and world economy, many in the business world decided to take a closer look at his comments.

For those heavily invested in the stock market, the comments and predictions of Shervin Pishevar may give them pause for concern. According to his observations, he sees the stock market taking a steep plunge in the coming months. Predicting a drop of 6,000 points or perhaps even more, he urges investors to examine how the volatility of the bond market will affect their portfolios. In doing so, he believes many investors should instead turn to gold as a key investment, since precious metals are almost always much safer investments when times get tough in the stock market.

After making stock market investors sit up and take notice, Shervin Pishevar set his sights on virtual currency Bitcoin. Like the stock market’s fortunes, he also believes Bitcoin is ready to take a sizable drop in value, perhaps as much as $5,000 or more. However, while one would think he would urge investors to leave this virtual currency, Shervin Pishevar instead predicts those who are currently invested in Bitcoin will become quite wealthy if they choose to stay. Believing the currency will quickly rebound to new values that far exceed what investors are currently experiencing, Shervin Pishevar sees good times ahead for Bitcoin.

However, the same cannot be said for his views on Silicon Valley. Predicting it is only a matter of time before China and other nations supplant Silicon Valley as the leaders in world technology, Shervin Pishevar urges U.S. companies to stop being complacent, and instead focus on what made them great in the beginning, such as research, innovation, and retention of highly-skilled employees.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani, Trump Billionaire Relationship

Hussain Sajwani and Trump are known to have a business relationship that was established in 2013. The two billionaires came together with a course of building the two Trumps Branded Golf courses in Dubai. Sajwani has a great vision of enhancing the business based relationship with president Trump, through the Trump organization. The main focus is on the real estate business firm. The two public figures have already stricken a deal that will; see collaboration in the Trump International Golf Club.

Sajwani confirmed through NBC news that his relationship with president Trump goes beyond Trumps presidency, they have good family relationships that include Trumps family members, the daughter Ivanka and Sajwani’s wife are close friends, they have visited each other and dinned together both in Dubai at Sajwani’s house and vise verse in the new york. Sajwani has good relations with Trump’s children, Donald Jr., Eric, and daughter Ivanka. Real estate developer Hussain Sajwani believes that the excellent relationship with Trump’s children. The fact that they are keenly involved in their fathers business is a plus towards growing and maintaining their business relationship. The close between Sajwani and Trump attribute greatly towards helping them pay close detail to their business partnership, and this has made the two billionaires very protective of their business Brand. President Trump recognized the Sajwani family as one of the most beautiful people; this was during the New Year’s Eve celebration in Mara-Lago where Sajwani and his family visited him as the president-elect.

Real estate mogul Hussain Sajwani believed that once Trump had been elected as president, he would have to relegate his business duties to his young family members. Since his family is so involved in the business, the extent of providing links to powerful; politicians from Turkey, Canada, southern America, and central Asia. Sajwani was proud of them as they had presented the brand to the wealthy and most influential, This was seen as a positive step towards their business.


Stream Energy

Stream Energy is an organization that supplies energy to its clientele. The company which was formed in 2005 now has operations in seven states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia. Stream Energy is a force to be reckoned with in the energy industry.

Stream Care on Dallas Patch

Stream Care was recently featured on Dallas Patch as one of the top philanthropic foundations that provide emergency assistance, relief and aid to people in need. They were featured on the fifth of March, 2018. Stream Care Center is a foundation that was formed by Stream Energy as an effort to give back to the society since the company is racking millions. Stream Care was among the first to come to the rescue of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey that happened in Houston, Texas. They were the ones who funded the recovery effort as well as provide finance to the people that were rendered homeless by the hurricane.

Stream Care Center has a partnership with the Home Supply Company to help the homeless individuals in the Dallas region. The Home Supply Company is an initiative that was formed to get rid of poverty in the Dallas area by providing homeless people with homes and other secondary needs such as education. Stream Care also helps Home Supply Company with financial assistance by providing food and other basic needs. Stream Care continues to partake in philanthropic efforts as they believe in social responsibility.

Other Philanthropic efforts

Stream Energy is a company that earns a lot of money which they give back to society by partnering with major charity organizations. Through these partnerships, they can help individuals faced with natural disasters. Some of the organizations that Stream Energy has partnered with include:

  • Salvation Army: they partnered with them in 2016 to help the people that were affected by the tornado that hit North Texas. These two were able to raise enough money to provide shelter, food and clothing to the people affected.
  • Red Cross: they partnered with them to provide relief food and first aid services in cases of emergencies.


Wes Edens Purchases Majority Shares in Potential Premier League Soccer Club

Wes Edens, who is the co-founder of Milwaukee Bucks, has ventured into the soccer business. Together with the leading Egyptian billionaire called Nassef Sawiris, Wes bought the majority of shares in the Birmingham, England-based Aston Villa Football Club that is striving to make an entrance into the Premier League.

Wes Edens plus Nassef conjointly own as well as manage a company known as NSWE, which invested an undisclosed amount of cash to the club. The club is currently competing in the Championship, the second tier of the English football league system. The league is recognized as one of the most popular professional sports league in the world.

Aston Villa failed to get a slot to play in the premier league after they lost to Fulham at Wembley stadium during the championship league promotion playoff. According to a statement announced by the team, the owner of the club Tony Xia will be the co-chairman and still be on the board of directors. This is a done deal since the English league has accepted the capital injection and the transaction.

Tony pointed out that he is looking forward to work together with the new investors to get a recommendable status in the English Premier League. He added that the club was close to getting the promotion last season and this was just a humbling and thrilling experience. Since the club now has strong investors, they are gearing up and fight for the second time to get the success that Aston villa deserves.

The two investors claimed in a statement that they can strengthen the club and make sure that the Aston Villa is back to their rightful place, which is in the upper echelons of English soccer.

About Wesley Edens

Wes Edens is the co-owner of the leading investment company known as Fortress Investment Group. He works as the private equity chief investment officer of Fortress and has invested in multiple industries including transportation, financial services, healthcare, media as well as real estate. Wes Edens also serves in several prestigious posts like company’s co-CEO, co-chairman, president of private equity, as well as a chief investment officer. Before co-founding Fortress in 1998, Wes served as a partner at BlackRock Financial Management Company..

Fortress Investment Group: Offering Top Tier Invesment Solutions To Corporates

Businesses all over the world are constantly looking out for ways in which they can invest and expand to benefit the work that they do. Expansion through investments is one of the essential things for a business and can be the thing that they most need to improve the functioning of the company as a whole. Because of this, investment companies that help companies to analyze their financial situation and find out the most viable course that they should take for their development are some of the most beneficial tools that a company can adapt to grow, and resume them.

Fortress Investment Group is one company that has time and again been able to offer top-tier investment advice to companies who are looking to expand their businesses and invest in the right places. The company knows how much people depend on them for the benefit of their future, which is why the company has employed some of the best financial advisors and analysts to be able to aid the clients who come to them for their investment needs. These analysts and advisors that are employed work while keeping in mind that the client always comes first and their benefit is above all else. By adopting this policy, the employees have been able to aid companies more than what one would imagine.

Fortress Investment Group knows that every one of the clients coming to them is different and may have different needs, which is why the analysts always tailor their advice and plans of action around each company.

Fortress Investment Group first started offering their services to people in 1998 when Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone decided to come together and form an investment agency that would meet the high expectations that clients usually have. The three founders, having an incredible amount of experience in the field of finance were able to analyze and adopt things that would benefit the work that they wanted to do, which is what made Fortress Investment Group the strong name that it is today, and what Fortress Investment Group knows.

2007 was when the company gained an incredible amount of popularity. The company had decided to take their shares public, and become one of the first private equity firms to be allowed to trade publicly. This instantly put Fortress Investment Group on the map and gained them more clients than what they had before, and https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Fortress-Investment-Group-Reviews-E40847.htm.

The extensive portfolio that the company possesses is also one of the reasons why Fortress Investment Group has gained the impressive reputation that it has today. The company currently handles assets worth more than seventy billion and more with every year that goes by. The portfolio that the company possesses includes clients coming to them from a variety of sectors, from well-known big names to small-scale businesses that need to grow and expand, and more information click here.


OSI Group President David Mcdonald

David McDonald is the current President and COO of OSI Group, LLC. OSI is the world’s top supplier of beef patties, pizza, sausage links, and sandwiches. OSI currently has more than 50 facilities in over 17 countries. McDonald is also the company’s Project Manager. In addition, he is the Director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited. Of all the countries they serve, he is the most excited about their future prospects in China. He is also very excited about extending OSI into Europe in the near future. To this end, in 2016 OSI purchased Baho Food.

He served as the Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. from 2008 to 2017. McDonald was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. It was during these formative years that he developed a lasting interest in agriculture. He began his adult life by attending Iowa State University in 1987. He graduated with a B.A. in Animal Science. He has continued up to the present time to financially support his fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho. In appreciation for his years of generosity in 2004, the university gave him the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award.

He was also instrumental in helping develop and name the university’s Marvin J. Walter – AGR Fraternity Arena. He joined the OSI team in 1991, immediately after graduation and began climbing up its ranks. As he has risen through the ranks, he began taking mentorship seriously. He has been known to arrange visits for students and to even sometimes hire these students to OSI staff. And he has clearly stated his commitment to helping students in the foreseeable future. McDonald, his wife, and their six children reside in Warrenville, Illinois, and learn more about David.

He has done such an impressive job as leader of OSI that he has won the extremely prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award, and more information click here.

More Visit: https://interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

Ricardo Guimares Honored by the City Hall

Ricardo Guimarães, an influential businessman of Brazil hailing from Belo Horizonte was honored by City Hall on the request of the councilman Daniel Nepomuceno on April 18, 2017. He was presented the Honor to Merit in the function. The President of the House, LéoBurguês de Castro, inaugurated the ceremony before letting his colleague chair the proceedings.

After the opening address of the President, Daniel Nepomuceno took the stage and talked about how honored he was to have the opportunity to honor Ricardo Guimarães, a brilliant entrepreneur who has invested greatly in sports in the country and supported him in his career as well. Léo Bourgeois mentioned all the work that Guimarães has done to support the sports industry and his construction of the Training Center in the “Rooster” which contains the most modern equipment available in the market.

Fred Costa, the State deputy, listed the broad curriculum of Guimarães while talking about his patronage of the national sport of the country, Football, and his support for tennis, gymnastics and volleyball as well. He lauded Guimarães for his contributions to the social and cultural development of the country. He also mentioned his investments in the Baleia Hospital and various foundations as well, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Alberto Pinto Coelho, Deputy Governor, spoke on how the tribute was well-deserved by the influential family which has been supporting the development of sports in the country for decades. LéoBurguês de Castro declared the terms of the diploma and presented it to Guimarães while Daniel Nepomuceno handed him the plaque, and https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817.

Guimarães expressed his gratitude to the House and spoke about how his business and his family’s roots are in Belo Horizonte. He said it is an honor for him to continue the tradition initiated by his grandfather and that BMG has always been the bank that has invested most in athletes and sports, and his Website.

Ricardo Guimarães, the President of BMG, hails from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Brazil. It was his grandfather who founded Banco de CreditoPredial in 1930. However, it was under Guimarães that the bank became a leader in pay-deductable loans and personal loans in the country in the beginning of this millennium. The bank has a loan structure with consultants spread out all over the country and it offers low interest rates to the lower economic classes. Even before BMG invested in sports, Guimarães had become a prominent name in the sports world due to his involvement in the alvinegro club, and more information click here.

Equities First Holdings- LLC

One of the advantages of doing business with Equities First Holdings- LLC, should you decide to do so, would be the safety of doing any kind of securities based lending services for businesses as well as for personal use. Doing business with an LLC will protect you in more ways than doing business with a one-man business. Also, doing business with an LLC allows for better expansion and growth and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.

Equities First Holdings- LLC is a company that is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, but also has a remote location in New York City as well to help better serve their customers with any help that they might need at any time and read full article.

Empower Your Puppy with the Goodness of Beneful

Build a great diet for your new puppy with Beneful pet food. Their commercials are inviting pet owners to a nutritious diet packed with real meat. Enjoy real meat and vegetables your pet will love. Their variety of sizes grow with your pet and provide a hassle-free purchasing experience for the pet owner. New puppy’s must start out on a great diet to live a long healthy active lifestyle. Pamper your pet and show them how much you care with Beneful. Their customers are happy to know their products are vetenarian approved to keep your pet living a long healthy life and read full article.

Beneful commercials are important because they are not actors, but are actually on their quality pet food. You can choose from their unique treats that are intended to protect their oral care health. If you’re currently participating in obedience training for your pet, their pet treats are great. Satisfy your pet with a top pet food brand. Oral care and heart health are very important for an active healthy pet. Thousands of pet owners have made the switch to an affordable brand that coats far less than their competitors. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Beneful website for more details on an additional 20% off offer today and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.