Securus Technologies – Latest Products and Future Plans

Securus Technologies Inc was able to prove itself once more with its latest release en the market. The company put out their brand new product earlier this year, and it is called the Drone Detection System. The product solves a rising issue in the correctional sector of inmates receiving packages within the prison grounds by drone. The contraband varies, but it has most often been drugs, weapons, and cell phones.

The Drone Detection System is based on a previous product in its fundamental inner workings. The base was adapted to the new goal and has passed trial and launched on the market. The Drone Detection System is currently being used by thousands of the company’s clients in the corrections sector. In the meantime, while the Drone Detection System is in use, the Securus Technologies Inc continues to improve and develop the product.

The Securus Technologies Inc put out another system towards the end of last year that stopped outgoing calls as well as unauthorized connections to the wireless. The corrections industry had a problem with inmates logging in online and doing live streaming on the major social media platforms. The issue has all but ceased since the Securus Technologies Inc released their solution on the market.

In total. Securus Technologies Inc is working with about 3 200 correctional facilities, providing their latest security tech solutions and other products, services, and software. In total, the corporation helps to contain well over a million inmates across the United States of America.

In addition to that, The Securus Technologies Inc contributes massively to the inmate communications sector. The business is one of the leading providers of services for that industry and helps inmates get in contact with their friends and family. The Securus Technologies Inc provides a vast range of communication services that vary from phone calls to online chatting and video calls and messages.

The Dallas-based corporation has high goals in its line of work. The business is working on many fronts all at ones and is doing expansion projects, puts out new releases in a timely manner, expands its services and operations and achieves plans in the field of inmate welfare.

Some of the most receipts expansion of the Securus Technologies Inc involved the acquisition of the businesses JPay Inc and the GovNetPay payment processor. The company leaders of the Securus Technologies Inc saw huge potential in both of those high achieving businesses. The corporation put them to work together believing they would not only contribute to the Securus Technologies’ portfolio but also complement each other quite well in doing so.

The business plans to expand further and maintain its high productivity rates in the future as well as pick up new projects.

Dr. Saad Saad: The Former Pediatric Surgeon who has Helped Many Children

His name is Dr. Saad Saad and he is renowned pediatric surgeon who was born in Palestine. He earned his degree in the field of surgery nearly 50 years ago. As a pediatric surgeon he had performed hundreds of procedures throughout his lengthy career. Dr. Saad Saad helped many children with various medical conditions and injuries to live a better quality of life.


Dr. Saad Sadd did an interview with IdeaMensch about his career. He conducted this interview back in February of 2018. During his conference with IdeaMensch, Dr. Saad revealed how he become a surgeon and the most important aspects of his career. Let’s take a closer look at the life of this great surgeon and how he has treated children during his time as a surgeon.


Mr. Saad came from a large family. He was one of 8 children born by his parents. While Saad’s birthplace was Palestine, he was raised in the wealthy country of Kuwait. His siblings grew up to become engineers, surgeons and teachers. So, Saad was influenced early on to do something meaningful with his life.


Believe it or not, Dr. Saad was an engineer before he decided to become a surgeon. His decision to become an engineer was influenced by a few of his brothers who worked in this field. However, after working 2 years in the outdoors on various building and construction projects; Dr. Saad realized that the Middle Eastern heat was too much for him. So, he decided to become a surgeon.


After completing his medical degree in Cairo, he then completed his internship in England. Once his internship was over he immigrated to the United States to practice medicine. Once he arrived in the states he settled into the New Jersey area. Since that time, he has helped hundreds of children by performing routine and life saving surgeries on them. Learn more:


Throughout the years, young kids and teenagers benefited from the skills, knowledge and wisdom that Dr. Saad used during his procedures. His knowledge of surgery has helped many kids and teens to recover from various conditions and to repair injuries. Dr. Saad also took the time to prepare for each surgery to ensure that his young patient would receive the best care possible.


During his career, the surgeon made it a point to treat all children the same. Remember that Dr. Saad started to practice medicine in America when racial tensions was at its height. During the late 60s and early 70s it wasn’t uncommon for America’s views on minorities and inequality to impact various members of the medical field.


Thankfully, Mr. Saad was strongly advised by one of his mentors not to take this approach with treating patient. To this day, Dr. Saad wants the world to know that people are all the same regardless of the color of their skin. His life as a surgeon proved this point because everybody has the same type of human body in terms of their systems and how it functions. Mr. Saad is retired but he still dabbles in the world of medicine since it plays such an important part of his life

Dick Devos – article recap

In the early 1990’s, the city of Grand Rapids was exploring the possibility of creating a sports and convention arena to the north of the downtown area. Dick DeVos was then working at his family’s company, Amway Corp. He was on the track to be CEO. When he heard about this idea, it did not sit well with him, and so he began a campaign to lobby against it.


DeVos was concerned that building this multipurpose sports arena would have a detrimental effect on Grand Rapids. His concern was that Grand Rapids would experience something on par to what was experienced when the Lions and the Pistons left Detroit in the 1970’s in connection with the construction of the Pontiac Silverdome. To Dick DeVos, this was a difficult lesson for the city to learn, and he did not want to see a repeat of it.


Because of the work that DeVos did fighting against the sports facility outside of the central business district, the Grand Action group was formed. This was a group of business leaders who pushed for the construction of many of the buildings that are credited with completely changing the skyline of Grand Rapids. In addition to changing the skyline of Grand Rapids, they also changed the trajectory of the city.


This drive to change the city they lived in and grew up around for the better is something that both Dick and his wife, Betsy, have been known for throughout their adult lives. They are mega-donors to the GOP. This has resulted in a number of changes that have affected laws on labor and on education.


An example of the work of Betsy DeVos, currently serving as education secretary for President Donald Trump, has done throughout her life includes the expansion of charter schools throughout Michigan. Dick DeVos pioneered laws that revolutionized the way work was seen in the state of Michigan. After a law that he supported was passed in 2012, Michigan went from being a state that was the birthplace of the union and the birthplace of organized labor to being a right to work state. This meant that union membership was no longer needed in order to get employment.


The influence of Betsy and Dick does not end in the realm of Republican politics. Over the course of 25 years, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been reported to have given away over $138 million. This money has helped support the arts, churches, leadership programs, reform and education, and provide scholarships for private schools.


In 2006, their donation of $12.5 million led the way in the construction of a children’s hospital worth $103 million. The hospital was eventually named after Dick’s mother, Helen DeVos.


This hospital has allowed families who live in Michigan to be able to stay close to home while their children receive medical care. In times past, families would need to travel to Minnesota for the Mayo Clinic or to Chicago in order to receive care.


The commitment of Dick and Betsy DeVos to education is unquestionable. Be it their philanthropy, the schools they funded, or the work that Betsy DeVos is doing as education secretary, it is clear that this power couple is changing the world around them.


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Dr. David Samadi Support to Prostate Cancer

The now-former presidential nominee of the Republicans, Mitt Romney recently went through an operation to remove a slow-growing tumor in the prostate glands. Dr. Thomas Ahlering was able to undertake the surgery successfully eliminating cancer at UC Irvine Hospital. There many people who are diagnosed with cancer every year as Mitt joined the more than 150,000 people earlier in the year when diagnosed. Prostate cancer is not typical for the younger generation as men aged more than 65 years being the commonly affected. Romney had just turned 70 when cancer was detected. Romney is not the only politician to successfully go through a cancer operation successfully as the former secretary of state Colin Powell, and John Kerry has also undergone surgery to remove cancer. When an individual is discovered to have prostate cancer, there are two options for removing the tumor. One can decide to go through surgery or radiation. Dr. David Samadi who is an oncologist and urologist would give the pros and cons of both procedures so that an individual can make a rational decision.

Prostate cancer can occur in two forms when located in the prostate gland, or it has spread out of the organ. The first step that the physician takes is establishing the type of cancer that the patient is suffering from and its current stage. Physicians prefer the use of surgery compared to radiation as a method of treatment due to the less risk of surgery and higher level success. Dr. David Samada is the chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Medical Center. David Samadi is an expert when it comes to the diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer, the cancer of the kidney, bladder cancer, and urologic disease. David is also a specialist in the persistent prostate cancer treatment through the implementation of radical prostatectomy. David left his home country Iran at the age 15 after the Iranian revolution. David continued his education in London and later Belgium before emigrating to the US where he completed high school. David Samadi then joined the University of Stony Brook earning an undergraduate degree in biochemistry.

End Citizens United’s “Big Money 20” Shrinks To 17

In December 2017, as the Holiday season was hitting full swing the left-leaning PAC, End Citizens United announced its own list of Republican targets for the 2018 Midterm elections which were headed by former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz and House Speaker Paul Ryan. The traditional PAC was formed in 2015 and is currently headquartered in Washington D.C. under President Tiffany Muller who has been given the mission of finding a political strategy which members of the Political Action Committee hope will one day inspire a reversal of the 2010 Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court.

Citizens United have corporate groups and billionaire donors the go-ahead to provide political candidates with almost unlimited funding and support using Super PACs and special interest groups. On the whole, End Citizens United has made a pledge to back Democrats for office as they are more likely to support a reversal of the Citizens United decision which has allowed the creation of Super PACs; to ensure the future of End Citizens United influenced by any single donor or corporate group the PAC has pledged to operate in a traditional way with donations capped at $5,000.

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The “Big Money 20” campaign was just one of the many ways Tiffany Muller is trying to raise awareness about the use of special interest and corporate funding for many Republicans already elected to Congress. The initial 20 Republicans identified as among the worst in terms of accepting funding from various groups and billionaire donors has recently shrunk to 17 with a number of Republicans departing from Congress for a range of reasons including the misuse of public funds by Representative Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania. By the time of the 2018 Midterms, End Citizens United hopes to have more than $35 million in funding in place to assist in the campaigns of Democrats across the nation hoping to join the more than 30 candidates from the left who have taken office since the election of President Donald Trump in 2017.

By the end of February 2018, End Citizens United had already endorsed 18 candidates hoping to make their way to Washington D.C. who have all agreed on a pledge not to accept campaign funding from corporate PACs. End Citizens United seems to have tapped into a changing mindset among the electorate who feel they have been let down by those politicians accepting donations from major donors who wish to have their own interests served above those of the American people. Polls conducted by End Citizens United show an explanation of the stance taken by many Democrats on campaign funding marks an important and positive change in how they are viewed in many traditionally Republican states such as Texas.

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Securus Technologies Takes a Large Bite Out of Payment Processing Pie

Securus Technologies is continuing to acquire subsidiaries in 2018, announcing the purchase of payment processor, GovPayNet. The move, along with the purchase of JPay in 2015, makes Securus a big fish in the sea of government debit and credit payment processing industry. GovPayNet was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mark MacKenzie, CEO of the company, is excited about the acquisition and he will remain in his current position. This is the latest acquisition made by the holding company that caters to government agencies like law enforcement and corrections facilities.


Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies has become the premier provider of inmate technology solutions for over 30 years. The company via their more than 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries, creates one product per week (on average) that helps prevent or solves crimes. Their companies provide technology-based products to over 3,600 corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies in North America. Their services include, but are not limited to, inmate self-service, telecommunications, monitoring/surveillance services, inmate and parolee tracking, and biometric analysis.


The CEO and President of Securus Technologies, effective January of 2018, is Bob Pickens. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but has three other offices in the southern United States. They employ in excess of 1,300 people and are Better Business Bureau-accredited, with an A+ rating.


Bruno Fagali Displays His Expertise In Advertising Law

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer with a specialization in Administrative law, ethics, urban law, compliance and regulatory law. He holds a bachelor’s degree in administrative law from Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University and a master’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali is reputable for his outstanding understanding of legal matters and he is currently working in an advertising agency, Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager.

Bruno is also the owner of Fagali Advocates, which he founded in 2016. The law firm has a highly qualified team which has its focus majorly on Anti-Corruption Law, Public Law, Electoral Law, and Advertising Law. Bruno Fagali and his team are fully dedicated to defending the interests of their clients and partners, in a responsible, attentive, personalized and ethical way.

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In one of his blog post in reference to the advertising industry, Fagali is highlighting the decree made by the government of France in regard to the advertisement photographies. The French Decree 2017-038, states that as from 1st of October 2017, in case an imaging program is used to retouch the body of a model on the photo to be used in an advertisement, a phrase of “retouched photograph” should be embedded to it. The decree was made as a health measure to face the issue affecting the population due to the belief that appearance can only be achieved through a strict diet. In France, 30,000-40,000 people, especially adolescents, suffer from anorexia while a good number dies from the same.

According to Fagali, France has been adopting many such measures. In 2016, they adopted a rule insisting that all models in the country, must present their medical documents indicating their health status, BMI, and general assessment. Those who failed to comply, are to pay a fine of 75 Euros and a prison sentence of 6 months.

In reference to the photoshop alert decree, Fagali says that a fine of 37,500 Euros is the penalty for non-compliance. Other countries such as Australia, Brazil, and Israel also seems to be doing the same thing, points out Fagali.

Fagali study evidently shows that despite the advertising sector valuing high standard campaigns, they have realized that having thin girls for the same is no longer sensible. Fagali is also multi-linguistic, speaking fluently in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

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Female Plastic Surgeon Towers Above In Texas

What sets Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC apart from other plastic surgeons is not only her skill and know-how, but being one of a few female surgeons in a male dominated field.

The native Texan is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Walden launched the MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center where she carries out surgeries of the entire body as well as the face, breast, nose and more. She also executes enhancements of earlier work done.

Her workforce, which is made up of 16 women, do their best to deliver a relaxing and restful setting to for their patients, according to a story at (

Dr. Walden commented in a statement that she was proud to put together her practice with all women as her patrons are mostly female.

She also mentioned how technologies, such as the diVa laser and ThermiVa radiofrequency and the SmartGraft device have helped her expand her practice. And she credited 3D imaging technology for making it possible for patients to visualize their appearance before surgeries.

In addition to her practice and her family, Dr. Walden is a spokesperson for companies that include Sciton Inc., Cynosure, SmartGraft and others. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and what Dr. Walden knows.

Born and raised in Austin, Dr. Walden graduated from the University of Texas with honors and received her medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

She relocated to New York after her residency training concluded after being chosen for a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She returned to Austin after the birth of her twin sons, Rex and Houston, calling attention to how the city encourages female-owned businesses, and more information click here.

Ricardo Guimares Honored by the City Hall

Ricardo Guimarães, an influential businessman of Brazil hailing from Belo Horizonte was honored by City Hall on the request of the councilman Daniel Nepomuceno on April 18, 2017. He was presented the Honor to Merit in the function. The President of the House, LéoBurguês de Castro, inaugurated the ceremony before letting his colleague chair the proceedings.

After the opening address of the President, Daniel Nepomuceno took the stage and talked about how honored he was to have the opportunity to honor Ricardo Guimarães, a brilliant entrepreneur who has invested greatly in sports in the country and supported him in his career as well. Léo Bourgeois mentioned all the work that Guimarães has done to support the sports industry and his construction of the Training Center in the “Rooster” which contains the most modern equipment available in the market.

Fred Costa, the State deputy, listed the broad curriculum of Guimarães while talking about his patronage of the national sport of the country, Football, and his support for tennis, gymnastics and volleyball as well. He lauded Guimarães for his contributions to the social and cultural development of the country. He also mentioned his investments in the Baleia Hospital and various foundations as well, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Alberto Pinto Coelho, Deputy Governor, spoke on how the tribute was well-deserved by the influential family which has been supporting the development of sports in the country for decades. LéoBurguês de Castro declared the terms of the diploma and presented it to Guimarães while Daniel Nepomuceno handed him the plaque, and

Guimarães expressed his gratitude to the House and spoke about how his business and his family’s roots are in Belo Horizonte. He said it is an honor for him to continue the tradition initiated by his grandfather and that BMG has always been the bank that has invested most in athletes and sports, and his Website.

Ricardo Guimarães, the President of BMG, hails from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Brazil. It was his grandfather who founded Banco de CreditoPredial in 1930. However, it was under Guimarães that the bank became a leader in pay-deductable loans and personal loans in the country in the beginning of this millennium. The bank has a loan structure with consultants spread out all over the country and it offers low interest rates to the lower economic classes. Even before BMG invested in sports, Guimarães had become a prominent name in the sports world due to his involvement in the alvinegro club, and more information click here.

The DeVos Family

A plan hatched itself in 1991, a plan that circled building a multi-purpose arena for sports and conventions just north of the downtown area.

At the time, Dick DeVos was on a trail to becoming CEO in Amway Corporation, which was owned by his family. He suddenly picked up the phone in 1991 and began to lobby against the idea of the new convention arena.

DeVos had a sinking feeling in his gut that the convention center might pose many problems for the downtown area of Grand Rapids. His thoughts were similar to the events that occurred when the Pontiac Silverdome was constructed.

Though really, his strict campaign against any new sports facility just outside of this central business district started a snowball effect with several of the other business owners in the area. They worked together to start a group known as Grand Action, and this group helped build the medical school for Michigan State University, the city market in Grand Rapids, the Van Andel Arena, and even the DeVos Place Convention Center.

Specifically, these destinations that were built essentially altered the skyline of Grand Rapids, which went strictly against the suburban trajectory of the city to help prevent clutter and sprawl.

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, were heirs to two separate family fortunes. They have spent the majority of their adult lives walking around and attempting to change multiple institutions and policies. They have been mega-donors for the GOP, and they have created quite the bit of political influence for several years. This influence has even caused huge changes in several state laws that have effects on labor and education.

Specifically, Betsy DeVos has been pushing for charter schools, and simultaneously, Dick has been creating a law to convert the birthplace of organized labor from Michigan to another state without union membership requirements for employment.

Their influence has been extending past the conservative specific causes, which they have been best known to support.

Starting in the year 1989 up until 2015, the DeVos family and their foundation had reported to give away several millions of dollars to various arts and culture, leadership, churches, health and human service, and other programs to center specifically for scholarships to private schools and education reform worldwide.

The couple themselves gave up to $12 million in donation toward the construction of a children’s hospital within the Spectrum Health System with the inclination that it would be named after Mr. DeVos’ mother, which was the wife of the Amway co-founder.

The hospital is there to give families a chance to remain in their home without parents having to take time from their jobs to drive to the larger hospitals and clinics near the area. They can receive care without having to travel far, which is one reason why the DeVos family has made such large donations toward the cause.

Their largest initiative to date is the one of education reform. They have even founded a charter high school for aviation at the airport in Grand Rapids. Through Betsy’s education advocacy, they are trying to seek the same outcome for children who are from poorer families to have the same opportunities that their kids have been given.

Their efforts are trying to sway the public opinion to look more in a direction, but it hasn’t been successful. The voters in 2000 essentially rejected the constitutional amendment that was sponsored by the DeVos family. This amendment created vouchers for tax funds for certain various students to attend private schools. Just six years later, Mr. DeVos created quite the campaign for governor against his adversary.

Never once did the family give up their efforts. Instead, they took a shift in their outlook and began to advocate for private school vouchers to students in various portions of the country. In fact, 24 of the 50 states, along with D.C., have at least some form of private school vouchers. This momentum is set to give more choices to students and parents alike.

President Donald Trump has cited her school choice advocacy when appointing her as the U.S. Secretary of Education. She varies narrowly got in as the Senate had a heated debate about her impact on school systems and school programs.

Beside his wife, Dick DeVos has stood by her side in support for many years. He is the CEO of his own startup firm, which is a holding company for several various businesses in the area. He has even played a major role in turning point for the Gerald R. Ford International Airport among his other achievements. Learn more: