Louis Chenevert, A Maverick Of The Aerospace Industry

Montreal native Louis Chenevert spent his childhood in 1960’s Quebec nurturing an interest in business and innate understanding of hard work and financial rewards he would seek out in his storied career. This drive followed Chenevert into adulthood, as he pursued a business degree at the University of Montreal.

Chenevert’s ambition paid off when he quickly landed a position at a General Motors plant in St. Therese. Charged with the plant’s assembly line, he was given a crash course in quick thinking and sound decision-making the rapid pace of the auto industry required.

Dedicating the next 15 years of his life to the auto industry, Louis Chenevert decided in 1993 it was time for a change. He took a role at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC), building airplane engines. He remained with PWC’s parent company, P&W, for a number of years, eventually rising to the company’s presidency in 1999.

P&W was not in the best financial position at the time, but Chenevert felt up to the challenge. Under his leadership the company innovated itself back into profitability, even as the economy entered a recession. During this time Chenevert took a great interest in the company’s geared turbofan (GTF) that was under development. The GTF would play an important role in his next move.

P&W was a subsidiary of the larger United Technologies Corporation (UTC), operating across a variety of industries. Chenevert’s successes at P&W made him an obvious choice to take a director’s chair at UTC. Remembering the GTF, Chenevert maneuvered the project, a venture many criticized for its cost, into UTC’s flagship product. The GTF now flies on 70 different planes across 14 airlines.

Finally in 2008, with nowhere else to go, Louis Chenevert was named CEO and President of UTC. For the little boy from Montreal, it was the culmination of his life’s work. When Chenevert retired from UTC in 2014 his shareholders had received a return of more than 84% on their investment. An astounding sum that set the company up for continued profitably long after he was gone.


Looking for Something in Music and Finding The Chainsmokers

This is one of the most interesting eras in music. For one thing, there are many different genres of music. One of the reasons that there are so many different genres of music is that social media and the internet make it easier for people to release their own productions. Also, websites like YouTube make it easier for people to release their own style of music. One of the interesting things about this is that these styles of music are influencing pop music. This is one of the reasons that pop music is taking on sounds that are reminiscent of some of the earlier eras.

However, there is still something new being produced. One of the bands that are still producing something new and not going to earlier eras is The Chainsmokers. They are an American DJ and producer duo. One of the best things about this band is that they are forward thinking. This gives the music industry an added sense of diversity. They also have music that has a message. This is one of the best things about their music. Many of the other groups have been involved with just releasing music with the lyrics being an after thought.

For people that are looking for something in music, when they find The Chainsmokers, they are going to be interested in what they have to say. Their lyrical content makes people think while the music makes them groove. Even for people who do not listen to this genre of music, they will find something deeper from The Chainsmokers. One of the best parts of this era is that it is bringing forth people who are actually creating music with a message that can serve as a word of caution for people in society. Even the videos have a lot of thought put into them.


Penelope Kokkinides Leading InnovaCare Health’s Puerto Rico Efforts

When Penelope Kokkinides was invited to the White House in Washington, D.C., she knew immediately she would bring up her company’s healthcare efforts in Puerto Rico. Additionally, she would add in the fact that federal funding for the island is continuing to decline. Yearly Puerto Rico receives less and less money while other states in the United States still get their fair share of funding. President Trump heard her loud and clear. Because of her meeting, improvements will be made to help aid the residents affected by the natural disaster.

Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico. It was one of the most massive hurricanes on record. The hurricane caused thousands of people to be without water, food, electricity and shelter. Roadways became swamped with water. Debris rained over the entire island. Blackouts occurred so often that after awhile it no longer surprised people when they had to go about their days in the dark with no electricity.

InnovaCare Health has been working on the island to address its medical problem. They are the largest healthcare company helping residents. They are headquartered out of New Jersey and funded by Medicare Advantage. They have a host of professionally trained people that work to diagnose physical and mental symptoms and prescribe medicines and treatments to relive ailments and mental issues. The company has medical clinics located all over the island replacing the medical practices Hurricane Maria swiped off the island and the dilapidated hospitals remaining. The clinics the company has created are nothing fancy but a huge relief to the people there. The company has not forgotten about the thirty percent of rural residents who are going without basic healthcare services. Mobile clinics venture out into the countryside to aid residents living off the grid. This company also seeks out to help the elderly, as disasters like Maria, statistically have higher chances of causing death to the elderly due to stress.

Tens of thousands of people have visited Innovacare’s clinics. Many flock to the havens of healthcare due to the slim options of medical attention. Additionally, many flock to the clinics due to how the clinics offer a place of peace, compassion and counsel to people who have emotionally undergone a lot of heartache.