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Sussex Healthcare Jobs
Sussex Healthcare is a company that believes in the empowerment and the development of their employees. The management of the healthcare group stated that the impact of employees had contributed significantly to their dominance in the United Kingdom. They believe that the education, benefits and the training they offer to their employees is to equip them with the necessary skills and competence.

Job postings/openings
Registered Care Home Manager- Horncastle House, East Grinstead
Deputy Care Home Manager- Woodhurst Lodge, Pease Pottage in Crawley At Sussex Healthcare
Deputy Care Home Manager- The Granary, Horsham In Horsham At Sussex Healthcare
Chef- Longfield Manor, Billingshurst In Billingshurst At Sussex Healthcare
Care Assistant/ HCA/ Support Worker- Longfield Manor in Billingshurst At Sussex Healthcare
Registered Nurse- Horncastle House, East Grinstead In East Grinstead At Sussex Healthcare
Care Assistant/ HCA/ Support Worker- Horncastle House In East Grinstead At Sussex Healthcare

Other job postings are found on their website at

Double pay on holidays and weekends, subsidiary meals, Pension, reduced rate accommodation, mentoring skills, in-house training, Nursing apprenticeships, management courses, among others. They have open job openings on their websites together with their salaries.

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare was initiated in 1985. For 25 years, Sussex Healthcare group has remained dominant in the Coast of the United Kingdom offering the best elderly healthcare. When it began, the firm only had two facilities. However, the firm continued to grow until they expanded their territories into 20 facilities.

Sussex Healthcare became the first firm to get certification from both local and international recognition. In 2002, they got accreditation from Health Quality Services (HQS). Additionally, they were awarded accreditation by the International Service Organization (ISO).

The leadership of Sussex Healthcare has led it to their success. For more than two decades, the administration has been co-chaired by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The Duo has different expertise and experiences from various fields. Their skills have seen the firm succeeding in many ways. The management recently appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the new Chief Executive of the Firm.


Meet the CEO of Seattle Genetics: Dr. Clay Siegall

We all have something that triggers us to venture into our fields. It is this reason that gives us the energy to get past the challenges that we encounter in our journey. For Dr. Siegall, now the CEO of his firm Seattle Genetics, it was the pain that he saw his father go through for five years. His father succumbed to cancer when he was 24 years old. He watched him live with pain for half a decade.

Dr. Siegall explains that it was not even the pain that hurt his father but the effects of chemotherapy. He felt there must be a better way to handle the situation. His firm specializes in the research and innovation of therapy drugs of diseases which do not have any substantial treatment yet. Dr. Siegall also admits the financial part contributed significantly to his decision as well.

Dr. Siegall says that his firms make money by selling their drugs, which are approved by FDA. He says that it’s really a good thing when you get your drugs approved by FDA because it is a very lengthy and expensive process. He says that out of ten candidates, only one candidate’s drug is approved. However, after being approved, you get good money.

You cannot be in business if you do not know how to sell. Seattle Genetics deals with six and seven figure business deals. Dr. Siegall says that apart from the referrals they get, they also spend a lot of time in meetings to convince their clients to sign up with them. He says all they have to do is wine and dine with their customers, which is fun.

Dr. Clay Siegall says that the other factor that has brought success to Seattle Genetics is their salespersons. He explains that in the 2000’s they hired a very talented sales team, which landed them multiple valuable deals. He says that as an investor, you have to be careful with who you put in your sales team. This is because the way they present themselves to the world is how the nation views the business. They are the outside face of the business.

Eric Lefkofsky: Being Proud of His Company’s Financial Achievement for a Good Cause


It was recently reported that a very worthy company was awarded an additional round of funding, thus putting them into a “unicorn” status. Named Tempus, this is a cancer-fighting firm that recently was awarded additional funding. And because of this, their value is now worth approximately $2billion dollars, according to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Eric Lefkofsky. Being over a billion dollars put them in an “unicorn” status, and not that many start-ups can claim they are worth over a billion dollars.

More About Tempus

Established a few years ago, Tempus was created when it was observed that the health care system was not using data that may have been valuable towards the treatment of patients suffering from cancer. This sort of situation really hit home when a loved one of Lefkofsky had been suffering from cancer.

Nevertheless, since this company’s inception, it has been making huge strides in using genomic data to better treat cancer patients. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Tempus has already grown significantly with the hiring of a bigger and stronger labor force to more aggressively work with enriched genomic data that goes a long way for cancer treatment. Before the last funding amount received which is around $80 million, they received around $70 million. In this case, they hired 400 employees, approximating around 30 more employees added monthly. And now they are planning on hiring even more labor force, especially in the data and tech fields at their company.

The Co-founder and CEO

Originally from a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan, Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur and businessman. He began his entrepreneurship early on, and he also earned a bachelor of arts degree and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Michigan.